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A Wonderful Experience

March 18, 2013

I love JustFab! There are SO many awesome styles in every category. I wish that I could shop more. I have become a fashionista with all of my JustFab purchases. The credits are a WONDERFUL perk, I was able to get my first favorite purse for free! And two of my favorite pairs of shoes, FREE… and you cannot beat that. I do wish that the exchange time was longer than 30 days. I often am very busy and although I tear into my JustFab box right away, it usually ends up being the 33rd to 37th day that I realize I needed to exchange my shoes for a different size. Otherwise, my JustFab experiences are always wonderful and make my day while I’m shopping… make my week while I’m waiting for that box to surprise me… and make my day again when my box arrives, then I cannot wait for that special day that I put on my Fab shoes or earrings or showing off my new bag. I LOVE JUSTFAB!!! Thank you, Kimora, for making a girl’s whole experience. XOXO <3 - Theresa